Gel lighting continues. I read a great article about how subtractive and additive colours work. Really fascinating piece…colours are fantastic.

I met Ana, a London based designer for a quick discussion over a coffee at London Bridge : make-​up, available dresses and date. Anar London is a Luxury Womenswear Brand https :// I got Charlotte, a beautiful model from Frame Perfect Agency and Johanna Monti make-​up artist on board. I had a good feeling that this session would go smoothly and Ana’s two shiney leather jackets would work beautifully with colours, mostly red/orange and cyan. 

I planned 45 min for make-​up and two hours’ shooting time achieving three sets and I was spot on with timing. The make-​up was elegantly simple. I didn’t want to drive the attention away from the colours. 

Check the behind the scenes footages of my session

I do my own retouch to make sure it hits the level I expect on my work. If the hair is messy, it needs a careful edit and it sometimes take up to 4 hours. Phhh. Yes, it’s one of the hardest thing to do and it can be really complex : cut background out, replace some part of the background, shape the hair, clean it, fill the gaps etc… Here are the before after set I made for you to compare. 

I am really pleased with the result, no matter how mind-​bending it is to setup and execute, giving the WoW factor for those final images is always a winner. 

For booking contact http :// or call 07889259752 


Ohh, this was a surprise and I feel thrilled. My Gangster Life composite image made it in the top selection at the SWPP convention 2017, @thesocieties. I can’t describe how I feel…What does the composite image mean ? Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene

A big thank to Robbie Hunte who was a brilliant model. He has just started in the modelling industry when we did our session and since my images he is flying high. Good luck man and don’t forget me when you work for big fish :D Also, need to thank to my friends and family, helping me through the process.

GANGSTER LIFE got framed and displayed at ground floor. Looks good, right ?

Yes, I received a medal. Entered the 20×16″ Competition – merited images will be displayed for 15,000 visitors to view in the Convention Tradeshow Area. What does it mean ? It means the five judges of the SWPP critique and score the image. The GANGSTER LIFE received around 90 points. Unfortunately I could not attend on the judges day…But I met Rod Jackson who used to be a judge and he told me some tiny details of what changes should have made…Insane details but good to keep in mind. Like the milk drop seems too planed, maybe 2 – 3 drops would have made a better image. Do you agree ?

I got lovely feedback of random people and some of them even laughed at it what was my main idea, make the people laugh. I achieved what I wanted trough my art.

I offer an extraordinary portrait photography session for everyone, families, couples, business owners, basically everyone. If you have an idea get in touch and I will make it happen. Email krisztiansipos@​photoshippy.​com or call 07889259752 for more information. You are welcome to look at my composite images at http ://


It was great to work Chris again but in my studio to create his first model portfolio. We had a chat before the session about what type of images he should have, what area he wants to explore and what to wear. In my opinion he would suit in the advertisement section.
Got him to bring some suits, shirts, shoes and a fitness set as well to my studio, near Seven Sisters, North London.
I made a list of different lighting set ups and backgrounds to give a versatile finish which is a key for a great model portfolio. First, we started with a headshot as an opening image, simple with the white shirt. I used my three light set up here, two rim light, one beauty dish with grid and a DIY white reflector. Not in the video though.


We made three headshots to have a variety of it and then I looked at his suits and his watch. I had an idea to go for a “product” advertisement photoshoot and we did two sets using one rim light, one hard light with grid for the watch and one beauty dish with grid.


Next was to use my printed, vintage background to go for a movie type of shot. Here, I used three gels to get more options for him to pick.

Before we went out to the local centre, we shot the fitness images, using two rim light, one hard light with gel and a beauty dish with grid.
After that a casual outfit near by and we done. Thankfully the sun was out and it was so great to step out of the studio. Selfie time ! :)

Booking krisztiansipos@​photoshippy.​com



I would not say that I wasn’t over the moon when I received an email from SWPP featuring my image “GANGSTER LIFE” as Judges’ Choice Award. :) I didn’t expect any awards for this picture so I was I bit shocked. My second image of the composite/creative world payed off. EPIC !

What does the image competition mean ? They have photo contest in various categories each month. The Gold award images are put towards the end of the year awards. Around 1000 entries each month, 52 Gold awards won in March. (Gold awards are very hard to get)


So, how did it happen ?

One of my model, Susan suggested me to work with Robbie Hunte who started modelling about 2 moths ago at this time. I looked at his portfolio and I new this guy need some serous images. Soon, he arrived at my studio with a fantastic, 1920’s-1930’s outfit, looking stunning. Firstly, I took images for my Character series

and then we went for the composite photography work. I planed two sets, one is the GANGSTER LIFE and the other one is still in progress. Believe me, it will be awesome (I hope I can manage it…I need to learn and find new Photoshop tricks to achieve my imagination…long practice and failure ahead.)
Keep tuned folks and come back to see the second image probably ready in June. 


Music photography with Chris Ellis and Sara Aras models. I work with Frame Perfect agency and they kindly found two models for me. Wanted to make a music portrait session to capture their emotion, their expression while listening they favorite music. I planned two type of sets : expression and editorial. I sent a mood-​board and briefly explained what the session is about.

When Chris came to my studio, Seven Sisters on bike from all away from Watford I was already impressed. Quickly checked his clothes, Korell Williams from Creerhair Styling arrived and he helped us. 

After the hair and beard styling was done I already set up my lights and was ready to rock. (some tricks learned how to manage beard to shine…weird for me) Anyway, got some awesome shots in less then 10 minutes. 


Sara arrived on time, quick clothes checking and she was ready for the makeup and hair. Korell and his friend did it fantastically, taking care of every detail, meticulously precise.

While I checked the images on screen, Chris was busy getting ready for the second set

and Sara was… 

We had so much fun, specially when Sara flipped her hair in the air. Yeah ! That’s more like it.


We are looking for a London based, long hair female model, between the ages of 24 – 28, for a photo session from 2 pm for an hour or two on the 27th of March, Seven Sisters, North London. We pay £15/hour+travel expenses. This is a photoshoot and you will be required to sit at a desk against a backdrop and blow smoke. This will probably not be ideal for you if you have quit smoking or are a non smoker. We will be using herbal smoke (often used in TV) to minimise impact. What we look for in the image is to have emotion to be delivered. You will appear smart, as if dressed for a PA or office role at in the City. You might need to make a natural looking make-​up. 

Apply with your recent look (link or image) to photoshippy+​model@​gmail.​com. 

Cambridge Weight Plan slimmer winners visiting the rainy London

I had the pleasure personally meet with the two winners of Cambridge Weight Plan, Erika Cervantes Jimenez & Patricia Aranda Larrauri (Paty) her Cambridge Consultant from Mexico. Erika weight lost : 20 kg (3st 2lb) ! It’s an amazing achievement. It’s a big challenge to most of the people who struggling with overweight. They are looking stunning ! Congrats ! ! ! More on the Cambridge Weight Plan website.

About the company : “Cambridge Weight Plan has been providing real people with real support to achieve real results since 1984.Cambridge Weight Plan is a flexible range of weight management programmes for both men and women.”

Early meet up at the Tower Hamlet station. Vanda has planned everything what places to visit for a short stay in London. We had the perfect “English weather” in November, cold, wind and off course rain…‘No worries-​we will have a fun and fantastic day’ so we went to the Tower Bridge, photographing and filming in the chilli weather. London have some beautiful scenes even if its rain. Next station : Westminster and we walked to Waterloo, quick look on the almost empty Riverside Walk Market. Around half one, we got lucky, the sun came out, completely changing the city’s look. Finally, we had some amazing images and video footage recorded at Trafalgar Square, Soho, Covent Garden and Knightsbridge. Smiling and happy girls after the long day. :)

Fun Promotional Photo-​Session with Chozen and JWC

Carl from Jerrard Wayne Creatives Ltd set up a photo-​shoot for Chozen to get his promotional-​marketing stuff done. During the photo session we listened his songs and everything went so well. Carl and Charagh booked a fantastic MUA, Silvia Saccinto Makeup Artist. She made everything perfect and checked every tiny details during the session. Chozen is an energetic, funny and easy going musician, so much fun to work with and if you like fresh, contemporary music check it out : chozenofficial.

Behind the Scene

Nomination for Photographer of the Year-​SWPP

What a great morning when I opened an email from SWPP this week saying that one of my image is nominated for Photographer of the Year. I am still surprised and feeling epic. The selected image was taken at my holiday in Hungary. I am not a landscape photographer but it seems the judges found something great and they made their choice to nominate my image. 
What is it about ? Firstly, the 28 category winners will be chosen from all the Gold Awards and Highly Commended Upgrades. After this all the category winners will be in with a chance of becoming The Societies’ Photographer of the Year 2013. This year we have seen a bumper crop of images and the judges have assessed 13,877 images that have been entered in to the Monthly Image Competition. The category winners and The Societies’ Photographer of the Year 2013 will be announced at the Awards Dinner during the 2014 Convention. 

I’ll be pleased to attend this dinner at 2014 Photographic Convention at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel. Yuhuuuu 

Headshot-​Markus Jalmerot

Markus needed some stunning head shots for his businesses. He is a multi-​talented man, founder of SEO Specialist Limited, Google Authorised Photographer at his company, 360 Photographers. After a quick chat we started some high key head shots in my already set up studio. I used four lights to get the desire light effect what I was after and 10 minutes later he was more relaxed. The time has come to start to have some fun. :) We talked about great memories, his wedding and everything what he wanted to share. He followed my instruction so easily like a pro actor. :)

Here is the lighting diagram to share with other photographers

Lighting diagramMarcus Jalmerot Headshot settings by Krisztian Sipos
and some final Headshots

TWO GOLD AWARDS – Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

I am always working on improving what I do and moving forward to the “limits”. One way of getting feedback on my photographs from other highly qualified professional photographers is to enter them in to competitions. In October, I entered one photograph into the “Landscapes” and an other into the “Open Avant Garde” categories. Photographs are judged on technique, quality and the photographers artistic input. I am really pleased that the judges liked those images of mine.

Landscape image was taken in Gyűrűfű (eco-​village), Hungary in April. Early morning with fresh air and beautiful scene, deep in the forest, away from everything. Perfect place to refresh yourself, eat healthy and drink natural water from the nearby spring.

Gold Award October

The second one is a bit of fun, nothing serious. One light, one wooden mannequin and photoshop. :)

Gold Award OctoberAward winning image, SWPP.


Bruce asked me to have some awesome photographs taken for his new music promo so we had the shot at my studio last friday. He is a great singer. I think, his music reminds me a bit of Rock’N’Roll feel. Have a listen on youtube, Mitchellbrucemusic. Get connect on Twitter and Facebook as well.



I had a great opportunity to take some images for the IJAD dance company They performance called, IN-​FINITE SPACE AT THE SCIENCE MUSEUM. I was curious to work in the Science Museum and being at a hidden place. Excited times.

They show are the followings

30 OCTOBER 2013 TIME / 19.30 – 20.00 | 20.15 – 20.45 | 21.00 – 21.30 and it’s Free • No Booking Required

La Avril Boutique-​Fashion Show

I met and worked one of the best group at the La Avril Boutique in Dulwich on friday afternoon. Fantastic atmosphere and Sam, owner of the shop, was a great entertainment as well. She is a bubbly person and her fashion items were perfect for Zellia who elegantly walked in the shop showing the design clothes and accessories to the costumers. I worked alongside with Marcella, a young photographer and a make up artist team from MotivesGlam.

Behind the scenes

Featured in the Photography Monthly Magazine

I got a surprise from the Photography Monthly Magazine this morning. My image of Sarah was selected for Photo of the day. I feel epic and it made my day. :) yuhuuu

Read the full article by clicking on the image.

Photo of the day-​Krisztian Sipos PhotographyFeatured in the Photography Monthly Magazine

Elegance theme photo session at my studio. October 2013 

I tested my new studio Elinchrom lights and I have to tell you, it gives an amazing result. Collaborated with Yndrė Yndrutė model and SimoneAbeya Make Up They both gave 100% work during the session. Yndre is a young model and we had so much fun during the session, such a friendly person. Simone uses MAC cosmetics to achieve the best result and she did an amazing job. Simone and I discussed that the best thing w'd be to use natural make up and she managed it such a short time. After that I started to shoot and here are a few of them.


I have received a Highly Commented score on SWPP monthly image competition.

My first editorial shoot with Tom has achieved a high standard score but have failed to reach the Gold Award in September competition. The god thing is, all Highly Commended images are reviewed by another panel of judges and may be 'upgraded' to Gold if the panel sees fit. This is to ensure that no images slip through the net that are of Gold standard. Highly Commended upgrades are due to be announced around the 10th December.

I feel epic and I look forward to December.

Behind the scenes

I'd like to share my set up what I used on my first editorial shoot with Tom back in July. Hot day, even hotter in my studio. Some correction: I used two Canon speedlites for beauty and to lit the background with gridded dish. I didn't have proper holding system for the background lighting so I used gaffa tape to fix the dish to the speed-light.

If you like it, please share it! :)

Editorial Photosession with TomBehind the seen
Behind the seen-Krisztian Sipos photographymodel: Tom

Editorial photo-session with Tom

My new gear and lighting set up came to test with Tom, an Australian model. It was so sunny outside but we had to do it inside....poor guy. After some cool, icy water he was ready to stand in front of my camera. Quick check of the light and we were getting into it. 40 minutes later we had to make the session funnier to get the best image we have aimed for so we had some refreshments and joke around. We went back to the "stage" and we had an extra 30 minutes to go. More focused and much better results.

Before After Series: Sport set

After I had the first set shot with Silent Descent I decided to move in to a studio and create the magic in the studio. I rented my friend's studio. Conrad’s studio and organised four models and a MUA, Sara who was really professional and so easy to work with, for a day shot. I asked Alvaro to come first. we had a great talk while I was setting up the lights, so friendly. He brought some different football dresses and we decided to go with the red one. Quick test and I was ready to shoot. 'the before shot' looked as good as I imagined. :) WIN.

Sara opened her make up set outside in the balcony and Alvaro had to suffer a bit as it was cold like hell :D Me and Sara had a short discussion about the effect (sweaty-exhausted look) and she was ready to do her magic.

Yigal was so patient while I was working with Alvaro. He was next to shoot with. Cool guy, we had lots of fun and “hey man! where is my chicken?" as we wanted to get a strong effect for the after image. :) we all laughed.

Louise was so focused during the session. It just run so fast and I am glad she came as well.

The last model was Lola and she drove from Reading. Thanks for taking the effort. She was so easy to go with as all the other models as well. Lots of fun during the shot.

Before After Series : First set

I had this idea for a long time and my first project was with my musician friends, Silent Descent. They played at the Garage in Highbury so I took my flashes and a home made strip light to get the desire effect there and started to shoot them just next to the bar tender. :) It was technically challenging to create something cool with no luck of light and people drinking pints next to me. So I had to ask each band member to use their phones as a light source and pointing towards their faces so I can focus on something. A big Thank you ! to the smart phones :) I did it in less than 10 minutes for 7 members. PHhhhh… And they went on stage, kicked the walls off, awesome gig. After the 40 minutes set they came back to complete my project. It was very difficult to get all the band members posing and do the shot but thanks to the friends I made it. Quick shooting and ready to pack away as they were closing for private party.