It was great to work Chris again but in my studio to create his first model portfolio. We had a chat before the session about what type of images he should have, what area he wants to explore and what to wear. In my opinion he would suit in the advertisement section.
Got him to bring some suits, shirts, shoes and a fitness set as well to my studio, near Seven Sisters, North London.
I made a list of different lighting set ups and backgrounds to give a versatile finish which is a key for a great model portfolio. First, we started with a headshot as an opening image, simple with the white shirt. I used my three light set up here, two rim light, one beauty dish with grid and a DIY white reflector. Not in the video though.


We made three headshots to have a variety of it and then I looked at his suits and his watch. I had an idea to go for a “product” advertisement photoshoot and we did two sets using one rim light, one hard light with grid for the watch and one beauty dish with grid.


Next was to use my printed, vintage background to go for a movie type of shot. Here, I used three gels to get more options for him to pick.

Before we went out to the local centre, we shot the fitness images, using two rim light, one hard light with gel and a beauty dish with grid.
After that a casual outfit near by and we done. Thankfully the sun was out and it was so great to step out of the studio. Selfie time ! :)

Booking krisztiansipos@​photoshippy.​com



Music photography with Chris Ellis and Sara Aras models. I work with Frame Perfect agency and they kindly found two models for me. Wanted to make a music portrait session to capture their emotion, their expression while listening they favorite music. I planned two type of sets : expression and editorial. I sent a mood-​board and briefly explained what the session is about.

When Chris came to my studio, Seven Sisters on bike from all away from Watford I was already impressed. Quickly checked his clothes, Korell Williams from Creerhair Styling arrived and he helped us. 

After the hair and beard styling was done I already set up my lights and was ready to rock. (some tricks learned how to manage beard to shine…weird for me) Anyway, got some awesome shots in less then 10 minutes. 


Sara arrived on time, quick clothes checking and she was ready for the makeup and hair. Korell and his friend did it fantastically, taking care of every detail, meticulously precise.

While I checked the images on screen, Chris was busy getting ready for the second set

and Sara was… 

We had so much fun, specially when Sara flipped her hair in the air. Yeah ! That’s more like it.