Chasing Deer are an exciting and energetic pop/rock band from the UK.

Before the actual photoshoot, we discussed and planned the session beforehand. Theme-style-outfit…We need an outdoor place. I had an idea : I walked to the back yard to take some pics of what we have where I live. I sent the pics and they liked it. Location done !
So, the band wanted some traditional, naturally posed photos, monochrome or bold solid ones and smart clean image. Cool ! I know what to do. 

When they arrived at my studio, I’ve already prepared the studio lights. Quick chat, discussion on where we start and we were ready to shoot. Yuhuuuu ! The guys got a nice, elegant suit and I saw instantly that my light what I planned to use was just perfect : a big softbox camera left, up high and a rim light at the far, camera right. 

I really like how Rob and Adam did on this image. What do you think guys ? 
Have a look at their FB page and give a like https :// You can find the tour dates on their website too www​.chas​ingdeer​-offi​cial​.com 

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Headshot and music promo photography for a really talented young musician, singer, guitarist and teacher. I met him last year, he played with his band in North London and I can tell, his music got the energy and good vibe. Loved it !

He has been working on his career and to boost it he needed a lot of pro images to achieve the best. Csongor phoned me last week and I was already planning the shoot and having some ideas, specially coloured gel shooting. I asked him to send me some reference images to see what he is after and told him what to bring. After couple of emails, we nailed the shooting date.

We started with head-​shot. If you ever wondered how I work hit the play.


After that we moved to the music promo shoot. I opened my brand new colour gel set, quick thinking about colour schemes, what colour works with the other. Fascinating ! I always loved colours and working towards my colour portfolio it’s a fantastic project and it comes with a complicated learning curve. Challenge accepted ! 

The final set after 4 hours well spent in the studio.

Click to see the full set HERE. 

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I met Jon, one of the most inspiring musician in Dudley.

Jon has a fantastic vintage set of items : amps, a guitar, keyboard, radio (more stuff what I can’t remember what they called) and lots of vinyls. We talked like we knew each other for years. I always enjoy working with fellow musicians just so easy to connect. Playing on drums for so many years makes my stories endless.

I went done to meet him at his place from London and unfortunately the weather wasn’t sunny but at least it didn’t rain on Wednesday. After I put my heavy suitcase at his home, we went to the local castle ruin where I set up my two flashes, one with a blue gel on it, placed in the doorway to give a rim light effect. The other one 45 degree away form him, to give a bit of “Rembrandt” lighting style.

After taking images for half an hour we went to choose an other “background” where I only spent 2 min with set up. I didn’t feel the cold but I knew that I need to hurry. 11 – 14 clicks and I got what I wanted. 

Walked back to his flat, hot tea and he told me about his idea for the cover : psychedelic lighting with rim lights effects, like on the stage. That was a challenge what I like ! So I set up one flash with gel and gobos camera right, next to his amp thinking to give a sharp narrow light on side, enhancing the texture of the amp. The mono block, near camera to enhance his head with grid and ND filter on it to narrow the light and keep the ambient light. Couple of clicks, not even close ! Too much light ! Ok, get rid off the mono block and set up the other flash with gel and gobos camera left. I was getting there. Sensitive tweaking on the left flash, getting the hair light only. Lots of tiny adjustment but still not entirely right. The guitar neck is in the shadow, need to get one light on. But how ? No space in the room.

How about if I put the light behind it, giving a silhouette effect to the guitar. Cool ! That worked but still too much light ! I need something on the light to give a colour effect to the wall and make it less strong. So I ask : Do you have a thin, light fabric I could use ? Jon says : Yes. Couple of seconds later he gave me his favourite fabric. I cover the light and click. That was it ! So much better ! Final adjustment on the flashes and camera setting and I was on the way to get the perfect shot. Done ! I checked the time : 35 minutes to my train departures in Dudley. I needed to hurry, quick packing away, call the cab and I was ready in 9 min, run down to the cab.

I tried to keep myself calm but want to catch my train. I arrived just 4 min before it comes. Quick payment and run to the stairs.I felt like my suitcase became much heavier than in the morning was. “Running up” the stairs and after that I still have time to relax for a minute.

On the train to London.


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